People Search: Europe – How to Track People Down

With the information age, it is has become quite easy to locate someone you are searching for with only a name and a general location.

Although most searches for people in Europe are generally free, you will still find occasionally a website which allows you to search for free but may charge you for any results. Try to examine the website before you take the time to search to verify if this is one of those pay websites.

If you are required to pay a fee, verify the fee in advance.
It would be a good idea to have some of the following information when conducting a search for someone:
• A name of the person(s)
• If at all possible, the country and city of where they are now
• An exact address would be very beneficial

When you are using a free search engine, you may encounter times when a person’s name will be listed but the address and phone number is missing. The reason for this is because different countries will have different procedures for identifying its citizens. With the economy of Europe joining together, this is slowly being removed as a problem but you may still find information is missing.

After you have completed your search, you should be able to view:
• The precise location of the person(s)
• Any listed phone number
• Available additional information

Records are also available:
By phone – You may place a call to the phone operator, but keep in mind you will be charged a fee to be connected to the person and it can be difficult to do this overseas.

Electronically – Websites are available like and

The above websites can be a fast and free solution for searching.

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