MSN People Search

MSN’s People Search has a lot to offer. No longer are we tied to typing in a name and getting a phone number back or vice-versa. Things are a lot more sophisticated and far-ranging because the internet has improved and expanded so much. It used to be a little more difficult to locate people by cell phone or internet. Now they can track the tower, the address or phone number and the time of the message in the event that you happen to be a bad guy they are trying to catch.

There are now a number of ways to find people through MSN and other search services. If you are looking for an item rather than a person, that’s a simple task. For instance, if you are looking for candles and you type in the word “candles” for the query, you will receive a tremendous list of where to find candles, what kind they are and more, such as scents, sizes. Just as any other web page, the sponsored listings are at the top and to the right in the browser window.

MSN has made the people search process easy by having you basically fill in the blanks to attempt to find the person you are looking for. Just to make sure that this actually works, I did a reverse search on a friend’s phone number which is supposed to be unlisted. Not only did her name come up, but also address, city, state and zip code. In addition there are MSN Groups that can help you find people.

The easiest way to find their main site is to go to MSN People Search on any major search engine and you will be taken to the MSN site and a number of others that offer similar results.

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