Dead People Search


Searching for someone who is deceased is an interesting area to search.  There are various ways to do this and numerous websites that advertise this for free.

To begin looking for someone who has died it is easiest to check the obituaries if this was a relatively recent death.  The obituaries will give you a great deal of information including where the person is buried.  Many people search for dead people to try to find the cemetery where the person was laid to rest so that they can give their last respects to the individual who has died.

Other information that people are looking for is information to reach the family of the deceased for any number of reasons.  Sometimes an attorney or insurance agent is trying to find the person or the family of the deceased in order to provide a settlement or other assets.  On the other hand, perhap the IRS is looking for the person for other reasons that are less pleasant. 

Another way to find information about someone who is deceased is to check the public records.  If you know the town or area that the person lived in and their first and last name, you may be able to get information on the death certificate – or a copy of a death certificate – which should give you al the information you need.

As a last resort, if all of the above does not work, you can go onto various geneology sites or people search sites and look up death, cemetery or obituary records. The fees are different from one site to another, so it is a good idea to check several sites and check fees, make sure there are no hidden or re-occurring fees and the site is legitimate.

No matter which way you use to look for someone who has died, or whether you use a combination of methods you should be able to find the information you are looking for.

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